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Asle for Norway

I had my first sail today after coming home. Rigged my 011 Vandal Enemy 4.2 (luff 385) on the stilo 200 340 bottom and the stilo 300 400 top. You are probably shaking your head now.. The sail was very flat low down and only some looseness in the upper leech. On water it had a very special feel. It planed up and seemed stable, but it felt very light and there was not very much feedback. The wind picked up and good sailors 15 kilos heavier than me said 4.2 felt big. On my set up I felt I could go on forever with still a light almost weight less feel. I´m not sure I liked it. When the wind picked up even more I decided I wanted to try the Enemy 3.7 (luff 365). Rigged it on the stilo 200 340. The sail looked perfect and on water it felt perfect. It had a light feel but there was also feedback that let me sail more active in lulls and gusts and it was much easier to do what I wanted up in the air.
> > One of my friends has the same 4.2 as me but rig it on the Vandal mast. When I changed down to 3.7 I lent him my sail because his 4.2 was left back home. He is 95-100 kgs and was coming down from a 4.7. This time we rigged the 4.2 on the stilo 300 370. On land the sail looked perfect and he came back after sailing telling me that it was the nicest feeling rig he have ever sailed and nicer then his 4.2 on a Vandal mast.

I just have to tell you again about the stilo. I had a sail on my Enemy 4.2 on the stilo 300 370 again today. This really is a magic rig. It´s so stable, soft and controllable that it´s difficult to find words. It just feels so right. Conditions today was flat water and some gusty strong wind. I was on my Nelson fsw 96 with a 18cm freestyle fin and the sail made normally pretty crappy gusty conditions into a playground.
I´m just amazed how good the combination of the Vandal Enemy and the stilos are. I´ve sailed many good rigs over the years, but this is magic.

Harald -

Harald who has asked about Maverx masts in the boards forum tried out the stilo 300 400 in his Vandal Reverb 5.2 (a 5 batten freestyle sail). Fists of all the sail rigged superb. Then after sailing Harald was in the skies (do you have that expression in english?). He has never come to grips with that sail before, but now he found it extremely light and balanced. He also thought the mast made him plane up much earlier than before. He was a big smile and he bought the mast.

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