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Here is the latest Naish Force 5 rigged on a MX100


We have been haing a lot of Naish sailors using Maverx this year. The masts rig the Naish wave sails very well.

Neill in New Zealand is finding his Force sails perform very well on his Maverx masts.


Naish sails have traditionally rigged well on Maverx masts and that looks set to continue. Below is a Naish chopper on a superlight mast.


Finian Maynard used a Maverx Stilo 300 in his Naish sail to set a new world speed record of 48.7kts.

Naish wave sail set on a x1000 mast - perfect.


Gutted from the Boards forum,

I have a 4.5 and 5.0 Session which work very well on a MaverX Stilo. I got it 2nd hand a couple of years ago and it's still going strong. When I was calling around trying to find a cheap enough Firestick, the advice from the Naish heavy retailers was that the MaverX was a decent alternative. I have a 430 Firestick for my 5.7 Force and I'd be tempted to say that the sails set better on the MaverX, but I may just be a bigger fan of the Session.

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