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Severne Sails


Severne sails continue to rig great on the Maverx masts, We have been using the 2021 severne turbos for foiling with great effect along with Overdrive M3s.


Overdrive M3 rigged for slalom

Overdrive M3 rigged for foiling


Even the most sophisticated sails rig well on Maverx masts. Here we have a Reflex R7 on a Daytona mast.

Asle from Norway reports getting a huge wind range out of his Severne Blade 4.5 rigged on a Maverx Super light mast.

Severne blade on Maverx mast

Severne blade on Maverx mas

Severne blade on Maverx mas


The Severne flat water sails have been working really well on the Maverx masts. The NCX, overdrive and Reflex all sail very well. Recently we have added a overdrive 6.2 to our quiver. I thought it might take some fiddling around to get it to rig on a rdm mast but no – I swapped the cams to the RDM specific cams available for the Severne sails and it rigged spot on straight out of the bag on a 430 Superlight mast.

Severne Overdrive on Maverx superlight rdm

Severne Overdrive on Maverx rdm

Severne reflex on Maverx daytona


Severne S1 on Severne Red Line mast
Severne S1 on Maverx X1000 mast
Severne S1 on Severne Red Line mast Severne S1 on Maverx X1000 mast
Severne S1 on Severne Red Line mast Severne S1 on Maverx X1000 mast
Severne S1 on Severne Red Line mast Severne S1 on Maverx X1000 mast
  Severne S1 on Maverx X1000 mast
  Severne S1 on Maverx X1000 mast


From Orlando Lavandera on Daytona with Severne  Reflex II

PWA Korea, Masts:

Finish: A clean finish and very attractive mast. For example, the sand was very fine and dusty but the fit between the two parts of the masts is perfect and there was never any problem of get stuck or do not close all the way, inlcuded two days after being fitted with sails

Thickness, Rotation of cams:

When installing the masts note some problems in the sail rotation in the three cambers XL (two below the boom and the one just above it) and try sailing with the mast Severn and reassemble the Maverx Maverx noted that were a little more fine (it seems only a matter of millimeters) in the part where the two cambers incidia large (those in the bottom of the candles, just below the boom) When I saw this was only to remove some "spacers" and review the cambered great out of my sails because the camber too came and prevented the mast rotation, and to review the cambered, they get more in the profile of the sword and become less pressure to the mast and remain in place and everything goes perfect and a good rotation.

Hardness, flexibility: Also noted a difference in hardness as my new Maverex are a little harder than the Severne but because I like to navigate with great tension at the foot of mast, sail it makes super fast answer with strong gusts and the top of the candle to go a little more rigid especially in larger sizes that greatly favors the behavior of the sail Overall, super happy, thank you very much.


BEN WOODS on Stilo 300 on Severne Swat

Finally we have had enough wind and I have been able to get out on your mast twice in the last two days.

I used it on my Severne SWAT 4.2 and would have to say that I can´t complain at all. I am not sure if it was just the fact that I had a good sail but I can really tell the difference to the 75% new proto from Severne. Basically like Graham it rigs differently in the sail. The mast does not bend as much leaving the (chord) depth of the sail much deeper. I found that I had to put more down-haul on and less out-haul. With the Severne mast it rigs very differently with a bendy mast and a shallow chord. Basically in a nut shell I would say that the Maverx has powered the sail up more. At first it was a bit of a surprise as the sail that I am now so used to had changed character in the way that it had all the benefits from before like lightness, manoeuvrability and stable but allowed the sail to have more drive in the bottom turn than before. I feel that this is good for the cross onshore conditions we receive here in Medano and would be interested in how it performed in cross off conditions. I found that the mast allowed me to have some real power if I needed it. Yesterday the conditions were on and of with the strength and today was a bit more powered. I let some more downhual of for today and left the out haul so that the sail would have a higher centre of effort and a bit more grunt. It was great and like Graham I could happily use a mast like this in the Swats.

Jumping: The sail was very comfortable in the air and I could have more response faster with the deeper chord. It was great landing back-loops and really fast to de-power. I could get the sail to respond really well and again faster for the forwards.

Waves: On the wave it simply made my sail even a bit more alive with a quick response and more powerful. It helped the sail drive more through the end of the bottom turn. I really like a powerful sail and this complimented my style well.

All in all a very nice mast. It seemed very strong to as I landed a very powered up back loop and it was fine.

Regards Ben

P.S I like the colour.

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