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Windsurf Magazine, October 2011

"The Stilo (300 RDM 100%) 400 from MaverX is certainly a quality looking product as you unsheath it from its bag. It will fit most sails perfectly as well as giving the sailor the skinny experience at a competative price. Some masts are a pain to insert into the luff sleeve but the maverX wasn't at all allowing for quick and easy rigging therefore ensuring maximum water time. The 400 we tried worked well with the Tushingham sails we paired it with and it helped the whole rig to feel light and crisp in the hands as well as a little bit more early planning, allowing for the use of a smaller sail earlier than you would normally change down. Combined with a 100% carbon boom the MaverX helps to make your rig feel rock solid which inspires confidence when executing moves such as loops and freestyle tricks. It also stood up to some decent punishment, as on a couple of occasions, it was put through the rinse cycle while out in waves. It was good to know that it wasn't just going to snap like a twig! Featuring typical Italian styling, reinforcements in the boom area and a foil coating to reduce scrathes and scrapes, these pieces of kit would be a good choice for anyone in the market for a new skinny mast."


David Aklam - I am very pleased with my new Stilo 165HD masts they rig the sails well and are even a improvement over my old 100% carbon masts!


The brand new Tushingham Edge sails rigged exceptionaly well on the x1000 masts. Both the 4.7 and 5.7 were used by many people at the recent Scottish windfest and the sail was well liked.

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